State of the Union, 01/16/21

The destruction of the best laid plans of mice, men, and, well…everyone including me, seemed all but inevitable last year. The last few weeks of 2020, for me, can be summed up as a blocked of time spent tiptoeing around eggshells dripping with disappointment, waiting for the other steel-toed, muddy, murky, maddening shoe to drop… Continue reading State of the Union, 01/16/21

Rehashing #Happylist

For the past six years, every Friday, I generate my Happy List. It’s a reflection, compiled into a bulleted list, of the past week, and the things that I liked (I literally head it off with just that). It’s where I can take the time to be grateful for my friends, family, or my new… Continue reading Rehashing #Happylist

InstaRecipes: Sweet Potatoes with Savory Granola and Orange-Dijon Yogurt

Carefully calculated culinary comfort.  (Inspired by the fantastic foreword in Nik Sharma’s The Flavor Equation and his recipe for sweet potatoes with maple crème fraiche, this is lunch, taken to the next level.  Creamy, crunchy, sweet, savory, salty, and spicy, hot meets cold in a marvelous manifestation of #meatless #comfortfood that comes together fast for… Continue reading InstaRecipes: Sweet Potatoes with Savory Granola and Orange-Dijon Yogurt

Podcast Playlist

I have always been a voracious consumer of content - books, articles, newsletters, audiobooks (suffice it to say: written words, and the convenient technological adaptation of them), and podcasts. I'm that person that "heard it on a podcast" and could recommend seven more episodes and three other shows that will corroborate whatever it was that… Continue reading Podcast Playlist

InstaRecipes: Crispy-edged Chantarelles

Crispy-edged crowning glory.(High-low, herbivore style: A simple beet green Caesar (with this 5-minute Vegan caesar dressing) goes glam when it features a fancier crouton. Enter the crispy-edged spiced chanterelle, a simple sheet-pan success that makes any salad that much more sophisticated, savory, and satisfying. Texture on top of tang? Sounds like a superior supper to… Continue reading InstaRecipes: Crispy-edged Chantarelles